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    Where to learn Polish in the Netherlands


    In the Kingdom of the Netherlands you can find Polish language courses for various target groups:



    • Children in school age, who live in The Hague and surroundings can attend School Consultation Point of the Polish Embassy in the Netherlands. School Consultation Point follows curriculum outlined by the Polish Ministry of Education, which takes into account the situation of children, to who Polish is the first language, but who permanently live abroad.



    • Moreover, children can also learn Polish on weekends in schools organized in Forum Szkół Polskich w Holandii (Forum of Polish Schools in the Netherlands). These schools can be found in major Dutch cities and offer Polish language courses for Polish children and of Polish origin.


    • Since October 2012, Aloysius College in The Hague, weekly magazine Niedziela (, Stichting Poolse School Den Haag and Embassy of Poland in the Netherlands has been launching pilot program of Polish language course on the secondary school level (HAVO and VWO levels) at the Aloysius College in The Hague.


    • In the Netherlands you can study Polish language on two universities: in Amsterdam and Groningen. Polish language is not lectured at an apart faculty, but within the framework of “Slavic studies”, which also offer lectures on culture and language of other Slavic countries.
    • For more information, please directly contact relevant university.


    Amsterdam University:


    Groningen University:




    • Adults who are interested in Polish language courses can follow courses offered by the Volksuniversiteit in a few Dutch cities, i.a. Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Delft and Zoetermeer (to start in January 2015) . Language courses offer of the Volksuniversiteit is tailored to specific demand, so please contact it directly.
    • Moreover, there are many language centers and translation offices which offer possibility of Polish language courses in the Netherlands.


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