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    FDI stock (data by the National Bank of Poland)


    The total foreign direct investment stock in Poland amounted to EUR 160.5 bn at the end of 2013. This value includes both the primary capital and reinvested profits (EUR 125.3 bn) and other capital (EUR 35.2 bn).


    The highest FDI stock was recorded from the following countries: Germany (EUR 27.5 bn), The Netherlands (EUR 25.9 bn), France (EUR 19.1 bn).

    Top 20 foreign investors at the end of 2013


    Source: Preprared by PAIiIZ based on NBP data


    Sectoral composition of the FDI stock at the end of 2013 (based on the Polish/European Classification of Business Activity) is as following:

    manufacturing (EUR 48.5 bn), finance and insurance activities (EUR 40.6 bn), wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles (EUR 23.7 bn), real estate activities (EUR 10.3 bn).

    FDI flow into Poland in 2013 (data by the National Bank of Poland)


    The FDI flow into Poland amounted to EUR 2.2 bn in 2013. In 2013 the major investors originated from the following countries: United Kingdom (EUR 3.3 bn), Germany (EUR 1.9 bn), Switzerland (EUR 1.0 bn).


    Simultaneously, the highest divestment (capital withdrawal from Poland) was observed from the following countries: Jersey (EUR -3.4 bn),

    Luxembourgh (EUR -1.8 bn), Sweden (EUR -0.5 bn).

    Top 10 FDI inflow countries and top 10 capital outflow countries in 2013



    Source: Preprared by PAIiIZ based on NBP data


    Balance of payments and international investment position compilation principles have been outlined in the 6th edition of Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (BPM6). The main objective of BPM6 is ensuring international comparability of data across balance of payments and international investment position. The BPM6 has been revised in parallel with the update of System of National Accounts 2008 (SNA 2008) and European System of Accounts 2010 (ESA2010). The OECD4 Benchmark Definition of Foreign Direct Investment Manual has also been revised. The aforementioned regulations employ unified definitions, classifications and conventions with the view to ensure consistency and comparability of balance of payments statistics and system of national accounts data. Furthermore, methodological adjustments and additional positions in assets and liabilities have been introduced to further comparability with the system of national accounts. Therefore the data for the last year and the previous years are not directly comparable.

    The pool of foreign investors in Poland (data by the Central Statistical Office)


    According to the Central Statistical Office research, the pool of entities with foreign capital amounted to 26 128 firms. In 2013 there were 1 489 entities with foreign capital created vs. 1 712 in the previous year. Among new firms created in 2013 there were 1 214 new greenfield projects. The prevalent share was in activities related to culture, entertainment and recreation – 9,0%, in mining and extraction – 8,5%, in generating and supplying with the electric energy, gas and water – 8,2%. The foreign capital in companies where its value exceeded USD 1 m in total, amounted to 96.8% of foreign capital invested in Poland. The biggest share of foreign capital was recorded in firms from the manufacturing sector (36.3%), trade and repair of cars (21.1%). Foreign capital located in Poland originated from 125 countries. From the European Union and the OECD countries originated 89.5% and 94.3% of foreign capital respectively. Countries that located the uppermost amount of capital are the Netherlands (17.1% of the total foreign capital), France (16.6%) and Germany (16.4%). At the end of 2013 there were 1 628.5 thous. persons employed in companies with foreign capital, 3.6% more than in the previous year. They were employed foremost in manufacturing (46.3% of all employed) and trade and repair of cars (23,9%).


    Almost 70% of total employment in companies with foreign capital was observed in companies having headquarters in the following regions: mazowieckie (33.7%), wielkopolskie (14.3%), śląskie (11.1%) and dolnośląskie (9.5%).


    Information based on Economic Activity of Entities with Foreign Capital in 2013, Central Statictical Office.

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