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  • 21 September 2015

    During the 71st anniversary of the heroic participation of the 1st Independent Parachute Brigade in the Battle of Arnhem, the Polish Square (Polenplein) in Driel hosted the commemoration ceremony of this event.

    During the commemoration in front of the Surge Polonia and General Sosabowski memorial plaque in the Polish Square (Polenplein) in Driel, their tribute paid Jan Borkowski Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the representatives of the diplomatic corps of Great Britain, Canada and the United States, the King’s Commissioner of Gelderland Province, the veterans, family of General Sosabowski,  the authorities of the municipality, delegation of the authorities of Lubelskie voivodship, delegation of Polish police, Polish scouts, representatives of Polonia and inhabitants of Driel and its neighborhoods. General Adam Joks the commander of the 6th Airborne Brigade from Cracow that continues the traditions of the General Sosabowski’s 1st Independent Airborne Brigade, was also present together with honour and color guards of the unit.


    In his speech the Ambassador paid a tribute to the veterans of the battle of Arnhem and conveyed his regret caused by the death of Mr. Wacław Dembiński in June, who was one of the last Polish soldiers that participated in the Battle of Arnhem and tha last one living in the Netherlands. Ambassador  passed deep thanks to the Dutch people, who preserve the memory of General Sosabowski and his soldiers. He addressed his speech also to the young people. Their good historical knowledge and preservation of memory of Polish soldiers will guarantee that there will be no more atrocities like the ones during the II World War. At the end, the Ambassador expressed his conviction that Poland and the Netherlands will cooperate to solve the contemporary conflicts in different regions of the world in order to guarantee the young generations a prosperous future.

    After the wreath laying ceremony, combatants and guests took part in the holy mass conducted both in Polish and Dutch in the Blessed Virgin Mary church.



    The commemoration was prepared by the Driel-Polen Stichting. 


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