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  • 23 September 2012

    On 21 - 23 Septmeber 2012 in Arnhem and surrounding municipalities commemoration ceremonies of 68th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem (operation Market Garden) were held. Just as in 1944, Poland was strongly represented.



    Ceremony in Arnhem.


    On 21st September 2012 in the city of Arnhem the Polish Ambassador, dr Jan Borkowski, together with the Polish Defence Attache, colonel Dariusz Waryszewski, laid a wreath at the Airborne Monument. It was a part of the Polish participation in the commemorations.




    Commemoration of 68th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem. Ceremony in Driel.


    On the 22nd September 2012 the commemoration of the 68th anniversary of the battle of Arnhem took place in Driel. The ceremony in Polenplein was ornaganised once again in order to commemorate the enormous contribution of the soldiers from the General Stanisław Sosabowski’s 1st Independent Airborne Brigade  into the combat. One of the guests taking part in the commemoration was Professor Janusz Cisek, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. By his presence he wished to highlight the importance of the commemoration as the Polish Senate announced that September 2012 is the month of General Sosabowski due to his 120th birth anniversary. Minister Janusz Cisek, along with the Polish Ambassador, Jan Borkowski, and the Defence Attaché, colonel Dariusz Waryszewski, laid wreaths at the grave of Cora Baltussen (the founder and chairman for many years of the Driel-Polen Foundation) and at the memorial of Surge Polonia and the General Sosabowski’s memorial in Polenplein, Driel.




    In his speech Minister Cisek paid tribute to all the soldiers of Arnhem, those still alive and those who are dead. He also thanked the Dutch citizens for maintaining and cultivating the memory of the Polish soldiers fighting for freedom of the Netherlands. Minister Cisek informed the gathered about the ceremony of the granting medals to the members of the Chapter of the Military William Order of 2006 which took place on the day before the commemoration in Driel. There were two more speeches delivered by Arno Baltussen, the chairman of the Driel-Polen Foundation, and Elisabeth Tuijnman – the mayoress of Overbetuwe Gementee. 10 Polish veterans came to commemorate of their comrades. Minister Cisek and Ambassador Borkowski had a chance to meet the veterans at the catholic church in Driel.



    After wreath laying ceremony at the Surge Polonia memorial a mass in Polish and Dutch was conducted in the Driel’s church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Subsequent to the mass, all the veterans as well as other participants were invited for dinner sponsored by the Polish Ambassador in the Hague.


    The 6th Airborne Brigade that continues the traditions of the General Stanisław Sosabowski’s 1st Independent Airborne Brigade and whose banner was decorated with the Dutch medal - Willems-Orde contributed to the commemoration as well by appearing in Driel at the Polenplein.



    The Cracow Military Orchestra and the children’s  band Promyki Krakowa enriched the celebrations with their music. The commemoration was prepared by the Driel-Polen Foundation. 




    The commemoration at Oosterbeek


    On 23rd September this year the Polish and British Ambassadors together with Defence Attachés of both Poland and Great Britain laid wreaths at the central cross at the military cementary in Oosterbeek. All the graves of the Polish soldiers were decorated with white and red roses by the Polish Ambassador.

    Later that day a Polish-British reception took place in Westerbouwing to honour the Dutch organizers of the commemoration of the 68th anniversary of the Operation Market-Garden. Both the Polish and British ambassadors participated in the reception along with veterans and all the Dutch citizens involved in preparations to the commemoration. 


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