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  • Non-governmental organisations involved in Polish - Dutch cooperation



    Both in Poland and in the Netherlands there are many organizations whose aim is to promote various aspects of Polish-Dutch relations. The following list highlights only some of them, which operate at the international level:



    The Polish-Dutch Friendship Society (TPPN) – is an apolitical and non-profit organization, committed to activities aimed at enhancing friendly relations between Poland and the Netherlands. During the regular meetings of the Society, members and supporters of TPPN have the opportunity to consult the representatives of economy, science and culture of Poland and the Netherlands, whose work, interests or sympathies are associated with the Netherlands. (source – TPPN)



    Polish-Dutch Cultural Association (Pools–Nederlandse Kulturele Vereniging, PNKV) - is an organization in the Netherlands, uniting Poles, Dutch and other persons to whom the Polish-Dutch relations are very close. The Association has about 700 members, of which most lives in the Netherlands, but some of them live abroad. PNKV is a bilingual association and aims at advancing  mutual contacts between the Poles and the Dutch in order to further understand the mentality, culture and society of both countries. (source- PNKV)



    Dutch-Polish Chamber of Commerce - this institution, with offices in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań and Gdańsk, has partnered with  international network of the Dutch Chambers of Commerce operating in many European countries. The chamber is working for the promotion and development of economic relations between the Polish and the Kingdom of the Netherlands (organization of workshops, seminars, symposia on topics relevant to economic activities and meetings with representatives of the political spheres). At the moment the Chamber brings together around 110 companies actively participating in trade between  the Polish and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, including all the major Dutch investors in Poland, as well as many small and medium-sized enterprises. Dutch-Polish Chamber of Commerce also offers a comprehensive range of consulting services in matters related to startup and running a business activity on the Polish and Dutch market.



    Association of Polish-Dutch Entrepreneurs (Verniging Pools Nederlandse Ondernemingen) - The activity of the Association, that was created in 2007, is aimed at associating and representation of the interests of Polish entrepreneurs operating in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and an active cooperation with the local administration and business environment for the development of economic relations between Poland and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Association provides comprehensive help to all Polish entities in the realization of their interests within the Netherlands.



    Polish-Dutch Centre for Trade and Investment Promotion (Nederlands-Pools Centrum voor Handelsbevordering – NPCH) is an organization functioning in the framework of the Association of Dutch Chambers of Commerce and a consortium of Dutch companies that are interested in business cooperation with Poland (currently approx. 80 members). Council NPCH  manages the work of this institution, initiating many ventures every year to promote the Polish economy and bilateral trade and investment relations. Ultimately, the Centre wishes to extend its activities also to Polish companies active in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


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