• Trouw aan mijn Vaderland, de Republiek Polen



  • 27 september 2018

    They began on Friday, 21st September with the commemoration of the soldiers who died during the attempt to capture the bridge in Arnhem on the Lower Rhine, today called the John Frost Bridge. In September 1994 Frost commanded the British paratroopers who tried to capture the bridge during the Operation Market Garden.


     On Saturday 22 September Ambassador Czepelak participated in the commemoration of the air-landing campaign of the Allied forces as part of the Operation Market Garden on the Ginkelse Heide meadows near Ede. Afterwards at the Polen Plein in Driel Ambassador Czepelak delivered a speech, in which he recalled the courage, perseverance, devotion to his homeland and dedication General Sosabowski. He passed all these values to his soldiers from the 1 Independent Parachute Brigade. At Driel Polish representative laid also wreaths at the monuments of General Sosabowski and the monument of Surge Polonia, which commemorates the soldiers of the 1 Independent Parachute Brigade, as well as at the grave of Cora Baltussen, the Dutch sister of the Red Cross, who took care of the wounded Polish paratroopers and whose many years of efforts allowed to commemorate and honour the struggle of the Polish paratroopers and General Sosabowski himself.

    The next day Ambassador Czepelak participated in a religious service and laid a wreath at the British War Cemetery in Oosterbeek where Polish troops who died in Operation Market Garden are buried.


    Speech van de Ambassadeur Marcin Czepelak in Driel









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